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Fortnite 1.9.1 - Smoke Grenades & Vindertech Weapons

So Fortnite 1.9.1 has arrived and thankfully it's a server side update so no downloading of massive assets required, unless however you happen to own an Xbox One X in which case you may (unconfirmed) have to download 4K assets as Fortnite is now taking full advantage of all the extra juice the Xbox One X has to offer. Additionally, for the Battle Royale mode we see the debut of the smoke grenade a none lethal distraction to help you get out of sticky situations or distract the enemy long enough for you to sneak up behind them and shotgun them to bits!

Fortnite 1.9.1

Save the World - Big Changes

So big promises have been for the Save the World game mode (see: Epic Games Addresses issues with Fortnite: Save The World) and with the end of the Fortnightmares event the first steps are being taken with the return of normal gameplay. Fortnitemares ending means that the mutant storms are back and improvements have been made to them which includes new quests and the ability to earn tickets via fight the storm

The biggest change, however, comes in the form of a new weapon set, not weapon, a whole set which they have called Vindertech Weapons

  • Pulsar - Accurate burst assault rifle.
  • Burster - Pistol that fires powerful 3-shot bursts.
  • Blazer - Rapid-fire machine pistol.
  • Disintegrator - Shotgun that fires balls of plasma.
  • Jolter - Energy sniper rifle.
  • Blaster - Powerful scoped heavy pistol.
  • Slammer - High-speed rocket hammer.
  • Sever - Light energy axe with a fast attack speed.
  • Slicer - Medium energy sword.
  • Players can loot these weapons from event quests and event llamas.

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