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Fortnite 1.9 - Introduces Launch Pads

Fortnite 1.8.2 introduced the Bush and now Epic Games are back with a new change to the game which is likely to provide streamers of the game with some classic videos as you can now redeploy with the new Launch Pads

Fortnite 1.9 - Introduces Launch Pads

Save the World Change Log


  • Added “Reset Game To Default” option to the Game Options menu.
  • It is no longer possible to craft ammo that will not fit in your backpack.
  • The Floor Freezing and Ceiling Drop traps can now be found in the world as loot from containers.
  • Shielder's now smoothly attach to enemies that are knocked back.

Bug Fixes

  • Players can now shoot down skull projectiles thrown by Lobbers and Flingers with double barrel shotguns.
  • Falling Traps will now show their max tier.
  • The upgraded Adrenaline Rush ability will once again resurrect players.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from purchasing the Increased Backpack Size node in the Research Tier 2 Skill Tree.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the player from building after activating an ability in build mode.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the wall attached to the Wall Launcher Trap from taking damage from a harvesting weapon.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Atlas to spawn inside of terrain in the Hexylvania zone. 
  • Added physics reactions to the Constructor’s DECOY ability when it is damaged.


Bug Fixes

  • Players were previously receiving lower reward chests than intended.
    • We will be compensating players shortly after the release of V.1.9.


  • Updated the storm shield storage screen. 
    • Now sorts by rating.
    • Item filters now impact both backpack and storage panels. 
    • Inventory limits are enforced when depositing and withdrawing items.
    • Items can only be transferred highlighted and when your storage has sufficient capacity.
    • Items will now be transferred as full stacks.
    • The Switch Panel is only visible with the gamepad enabled 
  • FPS will now display above the minimap when enabled.
  • You can now scroll through item details with a controller when recycling items or schematics.
  • The crafting material list is now hidden when recycling schematics.
  • Hang-glider expedition slots in the skill tree have been renamed to 'Prop Plane.'
  • Updated hero perk’s descriptions to be consistent when describing magnitude changes such as energy cost, damage dealt, range.
  • A “Backpack full” message will now appear when attempting to pickup an item when your inventory is full. 
  • A “Can’t hold more of this item” message will now appear when attempting to pick up ammo and building materials when your inventory is full.

Bug Fixes

  • After rejoining a game in progress, gadget cooldown durations will now show the correct values.
  • Survivors are no longer referred to as workers in the Skill Tree.
  • The confirm button will no longer become unresponsive when crafting an item in the recycling menu.
  • The “slot item” button is no longer off center in the Collection Book.
  • Star level information will now correctly update for the Tire Drop trap.
  • Error messages will no longer become stuck on screen.
  • Fixed an issue which caused text to be cut off in the squad set bonus list.
  • Fixed an issue which caused text to be cut off in the Daily Rewards menu.


  • We have visually updated each and every elemental enemy type.


  • You can never have too many traps! Overall game performance has been improved when traps are used in large numbers.


  • Twitch subscriber quests now award Mini-Llamas instead of Event Candy.
  • Troll Loot Truck Llamas now drop the correct number of event tickets.

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