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Fortnite 2.1.0 The Cozy Campfire Arrives

So I'm about to kick into my post work, pre Joolo nightly habit of getting a few games of Battle Royale under my belt before the real world takes hold again and for some odd reason I was surprised to see a new update for Fortnite, so while my Xbox downloads the latest update I thought I would share whats new in the latest version of Fortnite

Fortnite 2.1.0 The Cozy Campfire Arrived.

First bit of news concerns Battle Royale which will be introducing a new trap to this game mode, the new trap which has been called Cozy Campfire has been on the coming soon list for a week or so but will arrive tomorrow (as of the time of writing) and acts as a healing pad as such for multiple team members as well as any enemies. it works on the basis healing those that are in the range of the Cozy Campfire healing 2 HP per second and lasts for 25 seconds (so each player within range can regain up to half of lost health.

cozy campfire

In addition to the new trap in the Battle Royale mode an interesting new feature was added which relates to those with Nvidia GPU, the new feature which also has a competition running with GTX 1070s on offer (four of them) for the winners more information on that can be found on the ShafowPlay highlights blog. To be able to use this new feature you'll need a GTX 650 or above which is quite modest requirements. Basically, it's a way of recording clips for kills and other amazing feats you manage to pull off while playing Fortnite - I expect to be linked to a million montages now of Fortnite no scopes and jump pad kills - all that good stuff!.

AND that about covers it for this release, the official patch notes with all changes listed will be published on the Fortnite Game group (community -> games -> fortnite) which is only open to members of the site which also happens to have daily gaming videos and trailers posted as well as news like this (too subtle a plug ?) so sign up!

Otherwise if you don't want to sign up to Joolo because you are a heartless drone, not all is lost, you can still post in our forums or on the comments page of this article letting us know what you think!

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