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Future of Fortnite Battle Royale laid out

Fortnite Battle Royale has been one of those games that everyone seems to be loving at the moment and recently the team behind Fortnite laid out planned changes and improvements for the Fortnite Save the World game mode and now they have put keyboard to editor to provide an update on whats coming to Battle and Royale and it looks quite juicy.

Future of Fortnite Battle Royale laid out

The changes coming or at least on the board to be coming at some point in the future are quite extensive so you may find in this article big hunks of quotes and/or random thoughts regarding the updates that are not exactly clear but if in doubt check the original article here but I'll do my best to keep this article in the same order as the original with random thoughts inserted.

Playing with Friends

So one of the big changes they will be looking to make is to allow players to play with friends much easier offering the option of importing friends from various social networks, while they don't outline which social networks it's assumed at this point it will likely be the top 3: Facebook, Twitter and Google although ideally importing from various other game distribution platforms like Steam and UPlay would certainly be appreciated those are not really social networks so unlikely

Additionally it could also become a thing where when you have a decent game with someone you may have the option of a rematch or play again with as they do say in the article "We are working on making it easier to play again with people you had a great game with". If this is the case where you can play again with some randoms I think it would go down well, all my games are with randoms due to a lack of friends on my platform and sometimes I have a decent game with players that share and interact and other times I want to reach through the monitor and strangle the loot goblins and team killers (more on that later)

Aside from playing with friends but stil related to such Oceania will possibly be getting Duo's playlist on a time-based scale, it would seem that the other servers are a frequent player count of a number that warrants a proper full time always on option but Oceania tails off at certain times so based on what the Fortnite team are saying, it would appear that they may do scheduled on/off options and possibly scale on Oceania so when it's busy it's fully funcitonal but at quiet times you don't get a toned down server

Team Killer

Team Killing is a big issue, one I have personally encountered around 5 times now and all you can do is report the user and hope for the best however as noted by the Fortnite team you don't really get any feedback on the action i.e did they actually do anything regarding the issue. In what appears to be an acceptance that while reporting is a good thing they didn't quite get what goes on next right the Fortnite team had this to say:

We dropped the ball on addressing team killing. We take action based on player reports, but the system isn’t straightforward to use and doesn’t let you know whether we took action or not. This needs improvement. Last week we started casting a wider net to catch current and past team killers and issued numerous warnings and bans. We are also working on better analytical models to weed out the worst offenders and long term would love to have the ability to pair you with players with a good reputation.

I actually opted to quote this entire section as it takes into account a "random team kill" (accidents happen) versus someone or a team of people targeting users for a team kill, what I found happens to me is we all land, pick up guns, weapons, try hold off anyone in the area, get the loot train going and then meet up outside the down someone shoots you and takes whatever loot you had - which in my case usually consists of a shotgun and maybe a pistol (I'm not greedy)

Addressing this issue on a case building basis over a timeframe makes a lot of sense as it allows those that just troll to be sat down as the trend develops

Shooting Model Improvements

One of the biggest arguments against Fortnite early on was the lack of ability by even skilled players to land shots, more so when aiming down sight and the Fortnite Team are looking to improve the logic so you get less of a scatter (random bullet spread) when aiming down sight ... this one is a bit of a double edged sword in the sense that players not so great with Fortnite's current system or new the game may have an advantage over existing players that have worked around the issue to the point it's almost muscle memory i.e aiming slightly higher with a sniper may result in hit in the current system but a miss in the new system (not a good example as Fortnite team make no mention of changing bullet's better applied when thinking about an Automatic Rifle spraying...)

This new system is due to roll out in December on a test client/server and providing it does well on that it may make it's way to everyone's game in the not so distant future

Inventory Change

So the Inventory is a tricky one as it looks like it's leaning more towards the Player Unknowns Battle Ground style of display with dropping items outside main inventory to actually drop, splitting will have quick button for dropping half as well as easier arrangement of the quick bar, Based on the screenshot (below) viewing statistics of weapons should be easier to see and take in as they are presented on the left when viewing the weapon


Post-Match Statistics

This is a scary one if you are as bad as I am (great at hiding, not so much at the fighting) but they have released a screenshot and a ramble regarding post match statistics, which offers some quite indepth information which stats hounds will no doubt love:

  • Eliminations - how many you killed
  • Assists - how many you helped kill
  • Revivives - how many times you picked up your squad mates
  • Accuracy - shots fired vs shots hit
  • Hits - guessing acculative damagae across all hits ?
  • Distrance Traveleled - how far you walked
  • Materials Gathered - how much wood, stone, steel you picked up
  • Materials used - did you make good use of what you picked up
  • Damage Taken - in my case, lots
  • Damage to Players - how much you dished out
  • Damage to structures - how many buildings to destroyed (we guess trees and rocks fall under this

As well as your level, how much XP you have in that level, how much you need till the next level and how much XP you earned for that game


Map Updates

This one should always be treated with caution as the slightest change can send the gamer children into a crying fit but the changes are 'point of interest' specific which based on whats said filling some areas out as they tend to be a little empty as well as providing a more specific location awareness by introducing new art and fauna so you have an idea where you are on the ground and from the air. It could also imply a little shakeup so the usually rich in loot areas and the not so much get a little more random offering a unique gameplay with each landing and less of a pre-plan of action i.e hidden chest in the tunnel then drop down to the two houses... etc


This is possibly not for everyone although it could be interesting going forward, but they make mention of the gliders initially just being a repaint on the original model but now they are looking to add more details to that - as long as it's nothing in game effective and purely visual .. have at it but they do say that Gliders, Pickaxes and characters going forward will have more of a unique look to them so each player can get the look and design they want


This is a big one as recently several users complained about the storm suddenly being so loud it distorted the output of footsteps and movements but here is a quick rundown of what changes they plan to make and the first one is a big one more so as the circle gets smaller the basis get taller - surface representative footsteps i.e you walk on metal .. it clanks .. walk on stone it .. thuds ? walk on wood it .. I guess creeks? dunno but at the moment they have one footstep noise and they plan to change that with each surface offering a new sound

Next up is teammates footsteps will be quieter... handy as many times I have heard "oh crap you scared the beegeezus out of me" as they didn't know I was their - quieter steps ... could work one or two ways you are either more aware of others in your house running around or more concerned that someone is sneaking around

I'll actually quote the rest of audio as it's kind of massive:

Vertical audio: We’re aware of the issues here, especially for footsteps. Investigations are being made in how we can improve this for the future. Trap audio: Tweaking is being done for trap audio to make them less consistently noisy and balance volume, while still providing an opportunity for players to hear and react to them. Launch Pad audio: We're making tweaks to the audio of players when they use a Launch Pad. This is to make it a little easier to tell when a player is flying in and about to land near you. If you listen closely you'll have a better chance to react! Weapon audio panning: While subtle, gunshot audio that you create doesn’t follow you, and instead gets left in the world at the point of the muzzle flash. This can cause the audio to pan to the left or right as you move away from it. We’re working on fixing this ASAP to reduce confusion during heated combat.

Other Stuff

This article is so big I'll just summarize the other stuff, again if you need more information you can check the original article all the way up top... my fingers are tired!

  • Limited time modes - a custom or special condition game mode that's around for a short period of time then goes away. They made no example of what that could be but possibilities like one in the chamber, handguns only, I would really like to see a horde vs squad mode... dibs on hex throwing husk!
  • Server Performance Optimizations - in short, they have improved the frame rates to the point it sitting pretty but they will keep working on things to squeeze as much out of it as they can
  • Map Steaming - Don't load the whole map in, load whats around you and as you move unload what you have left behind in return freeing up memory
  • Regions - I read this then fixated on one specific thing - better quality of service in ASIA - that effects myself being in SEA, but more datacenters etc etc
  • Controls - I'll post what they wrote in the article as it conveys the issues right at the end to perfect: Aim assist behaviour is being adjusted to be more similar to other games you may know. This is taking a bit longer than we thought, but we’d rather get it right and are still tweaking it to avoid shipping it too early (*cough* scoped sensitivity *cough*).
  • Leaderboards and Stats - It would appear that statistical gathering is the name of the game but first they need to be able to scale that statistical information otherwise it's just numbers being crunched and slowing things down across the board
  • Season Store - This one is a change that really needed to happen but they will not be dropping the tons of in-game currency concept for single purchase pass systems containing "tons" of loot that can be obtained by playing and/or quests free seasonal loot will also be a thing, providing you play

Future Stuff

If you thought that lot was a too much to take in well wait, there is more as they also revealed changes for the future including Custom games, Performance over visual fidelity and finally Badges/Medals all to look forward to in an update or two next year. Considering that Fortnite 1.9.1 dropped only days ago and they have already turned out a massive whats in testing, coming soon and in the future it's hard to ignore the momentum the Fortnite team has

Final Thoughts

All in all some of the updates are really appealing some will introduce a little debate in people and those are the ones I would love the comments to focus on for example the new firing changes, game modes and of course the audio changes what do you think they should change and is their anything in this mass of an article that you feel the Fortnite team should just leave alone ?

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