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For Honor Season 5: Age of Wolves

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For Honor Season 5: Age of Wolves will be landing on all platforms on February 15 and a lot of changes are coming at least to a blog post on the Ubisoft News section with perhaps the biggest new addition being the introduction of dedicated servers.

The post (which you can find here) goes into extensive details and is accompanied by a video which outlines some if not all of the changes in a much more digestible manner. The game itself will be reaching it's 1st anniversary soon and this release looks towards to the future with improvements to the way the game plays and more important the way the game connects users

resyncing, session migrations, and NAT requirements in order to deliver stable connectivity on all platforms.

If you are a fan of the game and/or looking to get into Season 5 then give the article above a read or watch the video and after doing that - let us know what you think in the comments below, is it enough to get you playing For Honor again, if you never left are the changes good/bad ?.

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