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Fortnite 5.30 - Content Update

As a shock to basically nobody another update has dropped for Fortnite that doesn't appear to jump the version numbers up any higher as it's being classed as a content update and a lot of content is included including the return of the Solid Gold limited time mode and a lot more.. 

Shockwave Grenade

The Shockwave Grenade has caused a small stir in the comments of the Youtube preview video and everywhere else it was announced, the debate of how this could make the Impulse grenade useless kicked into overdrive. 

Some have been very quick to point out that the Shockwave Grenade is not only a legendary level item but does no fall damage so its usefulness is very much situation specific and due to it being legendary it's not like a ton of them will be around.


Next on the list is the return of the Solid Gold LTM which is pretty much a shit show of legendary weapons at every turn leading to often unexpected outcomes i.e full shields, health and a brick wall isn't quite always enough. 

Change Log


What’s New?
The 50v50 LTM will consist of only legendary weapons and items for a limited time. Drop in and loot up!


  • Shockwave Grenade added.
    • Shockwave Grenade will knock players back and destroy objects in their path after being knocked back.
    • Allies, enemies, and vehicles hit with Shockwave Grenade will not take fall damage.
    • Drops in stacks of 2, maximum stack size of 6.
    • Epic Rarity.
    • Can be found in Supply Drops, Vending Machines, Llamas, and chests.

Bladestorm Enforcer

Save the world actually seems to have won out in this update with the introduction of Bladestorm Enforcer Ninja (mythic level) whom will be in the event store as of the 29th of August and (s)he (one cannot assume anymore, social justice dicks lurk around every corner) also introduces a new class of the same name (bladestorm) which has a bunch of new moves and perks.

For those of us that don't play as a Ninja, good news YARR! (Yet Another Ramirez Rendition) in the form of Redline Ramirez, which will be your reward for completing the Weekly Horde Challenge numero ... 4



  • Weekly Horde Challenge 4
    • This week, prepare your forts for a no-trap challenge: Husks will not trigger traps when walking over/near them.
    • Win a Legendary Redline Ramirez for the first-time completion of Weekly Horde Challenge 4.
    • The Horde Weekly Challenge quest is also repeatable for Event Tickets.


  • Mythic Bladestorm Enforcer Ninja
    • Available in the Event Store August 29, at 8 PM ET.
    • Features new subclass - Bladestorm.
      • New Ability:
        • Kunai Storm: Ninja flips backward and throws 15 pointed knives downwards in a 0.5 tile radius. Dealing edged weapon damage. Damage is scaled based on distance with a maximum range of 4 tiles.
      • New Perks:
        • Kunai Collection: Eliminating enemies with Kunai Storm reduces its cooldown by 2 seconds.
        • Kunai Barrage: Increase the number of kunai thrown from Kunai Storm by 6 and damage by 25%.
        • Kunnaihilation: Kunai will now randomly explode and deal Energy Damage in a 0.25 tile radius.
  • Redline Ramirez
    • Legendary variant of Raider.
    • Unlock by completing the Weekly Horde Challenge 4.
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