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PubG Event: Dodgebomb

The Playerunknown Battleground steam page just announced a new game mode style event called dodgebomb which will start on 9th August at 7 PM PST and last until August 12th at 7 PM PST. As the name suggests the goal is to throw and hit other players with one of your 20 provided grenades in an effort to tag them out aka blow them to bits. 

The event itself does have a lot of rules which are broken down like so:

  • Dodgebomb is a War Mode event.
  • 30 Players across 3 teams on Erangel.
  • Players spawn with 20 frag grenades, a molotov, lvl 3 armor, and a frying pan.
  • Knock-downs are disabled. When you take lethal damage, you die instantly.
  • Killed players respawn in planes that fly by every 30 seconds.
  • Eliminating an enemy earns your team 3 points.
  • If no team reaches 100 points before the time limit, the team with the most points wins.
  • 10-person squads only. Auto-matching on.
  • No weapons or vehicles spawn in the world. 
  • Weather is Sunny
  • Red zones are disabled
  • Killer spectating is disabled
  • Care packages are disabled
  • Friendly fire is disabled

more information and details can be found on the original article on Steam

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