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SMITE 5.16

SMITE 5.16 has dropped and it includes a lot of changes including some new custom skins for as well as some sick wallpapers (my personal two favourites by far being Titanium Tracker Xbalanque & Midnight Raven Isis, aside from skins and wallpapers a whole array of changes have been made (below) as well as a lot of balancing changes which you'll need to check on the official Smite page (link below) 


New Cosmetics

  • Latam 5th Anniversary! Avatar
  • Moon and Stars Global Emote
  • Midnight Masquerade Loading Frame
  • Polynesian Pedestal
  • Polynesian Recall skin
  • The Fall Loading Screen
  • Chef Vulcan Announcer Pack
  • Jeff & Barra Announcer Pack

Awesome Chest

  • New Additions to the Awesome Chest
    • Star Spangled Nike

Fantasy Points Store

  • New additions to the Fantasy Points Store
    • Soldier of Fortune Ares
    • Chef’s Special Khepri
    • Soultaker Hades



  • Fixed an issue where “Ramp Up” CC effects were not applying Diminishing returns in the intended way.

Classic Joust

  • Fixed an issue where the towers still had collision after being destroyed


  • Fixed an Issue where there was a few second delay after a Timed Queue finished matchmaking but before going into the match lobby.
  • Fixed an issue in the god builder where items had to be manually deleted to be replaced. They can now be overwritten and replaced with a new item.
  • Added Ratatoskr’s Acorns to the God Builder.
  • Fixed an issue where the Masters Duel Loading Frame was not displaying correctly
  • Fixed an issue where all Team Badge content was showing as Trifecta
  • Fixed an issue where Ranked Quest progress was not being shown


  • Fixed an issue where mouse cursor could get stuck when toggling between assisted camera and free camera.


  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck if their party members quit a jungle practice match.

Their are more updates and changes related to the Gods themselves as well as God and Item balancing so take a look at the full changelog on the official SMITE site here

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