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The Forest targets 1.0 release

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The Forest a game by the folks over at Endnight Games has confirmed it will be targeting a 1.0 release at some point in the future, the future according to an article on the official site (link below) suggest it could be around April but "watch this space" additionally and the 0.73 release changelog has been released and is likely already out for players of the game.

Games coming out of early access release, in general, occurs when the game is ready for everyone to play and more importantly when the game has been polished - Subnautica recently came out of early access and found itself getting a lot of replay from Youtubers and some great reviews - this is something the Forest will be hoping to replicate.

Beyond just the April (possibly) release date the price of the full release will increase from its current price of $14.99 to $19.99 for more information on The Forest aiming to leave early access or on the 0.73 changes see this post on the official The Forest website

We wanted to share our plans for moving The Forest out of early access and into a full v1.0 release. We’re aiming for a release date towards the end of April. We’ll have an exact date when we are a bit closer. On release of v1.0 the price will increase from $14.99 USD to $19.99 USD

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