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Fortnite 6.00 – Season 6 Darkness Rises

So I’m really late with getting this up but I wanted to make sure the site launched before babbling on about Fortnite but here it is with some interesting changes to the game but overall sadly if you are a Save the World player you will notice a VERY heavy lean in this update towards the Battle Royale players.

The biggest changes we always like to cover up top so let’s get into the announced items then we’ll cover the big items found in the patch notes.

The biggest change is easily the massive change to loot lake with the cube now soaking up the lake and lifting the entire island up into the air leaving it floating and creating an updraft area which can be used to redeploy virtually anywhere on the map… or just avoid an attacker, Loot Lake is clearly getting a lot of effort put into it and given its central nature within the map it does make sense – however I can’t help but feel the tail of the cube isn’t quite over yet…

A wicked side product of the cube is the smaller little cubes called “Shadow Stones” which allow a player to absorb them, much like the meteor shards – but the player using a cube turns into a ghost like being which can phase through things, takes no fall damage and just looks fantastic!

The next big change is the introduction of Pets into the Battle Royale mode with currently 3 options, a dog, chameleon and a small dragon – the pets are purely cosmetic (so far) and come in various colours

So much more has been introduced along with changes to the farm’s corn fields, a new haunted castle and a general overall Halloween feel to the game with new characters like the big bad wolf and red riding hood skins being added AND the weird tomato people theme also continues…

One of the less spoken about changes has been the downgrading of the double barrel shotguns and vaulting (removal from current gameplay) of Impulse Grenade, Suppressed Submachine Gun, Light Machine Gun, Bouncer, and Remote Explosives – tho all will remain usable in the playground mode.

Save the world players you got screwed really with the only big change being the introduction of the fridge door carrying husk which is practically impossible to get behind if you are a team of 1

You will need backup or to shoot through the fridge door hole, this guy an irritation when you are surrounded and struggling and sadly they even included environmental versions of this husk too…

That about covers it for the update, the following next 2 pages will include patch notes for those interested and speaking of interest let us know what you think of the updates and new season in the comments below!

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