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The Walking Dead’s Telltale series is perhaps of the best by Telltale games and it’s about to get that little bit better for console gamers as Telltale will be releasing in December “The Walking Dead Collection” the complete (to date) series that stars perhaps one of the most admirable gaming characters in recent memory Clementine.

Fortnite is insanely popular at the moment and it also happens to be in beta so as such a lot of changes are about to occur, these round of changes effect both the Battle Royal Mode and Save the World mode which is currently part of a paid access program.

One of the biggest selling games of recent memory and by far one of the most popular is officially making it's way to the Xbox One

Super Mario Odyssey has officially dropped and looks like it could be a massive game for Nintendo perhaps even bigger than some have suggested with the game already getting high praise from critics and great reviews from early players.

One of the most interesting games of this year has finally landed and it's out on steam on release day, Wolfenstein II picks up right where the last one left off and in this interesting take on an alternate timeline it holds nothing back at all.

Possibly the biggest Assassin's Creed release to date is out on steam and can be purchased in several editions as is the norm these days as microtransactions and paying for DLC's isn't enough

Valve have confirmed an update to the popular multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2, the updates which are mostly aimed at fixing issues within the game will be applied when you start up the game unless already playing in which case when you restart it

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