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Need for Speed Payback: Online Free roam is coming

While Need for Speed like any new title in an already well-established game series has come under fire for some minor issues, those have finally been nailed down via the various updates and patches and based on a tweet from the official Need for Speed Twitter account (@NeedforSpeed) we will be getting online free roam as an addition to the game

Need for Speed Payback: Online Free roam is coming

Reading through the responses to this tweet, you get the usual why wasn't this part of the game from day zero, we will be able to do speed trap challenges and other various questions but the one that was asked and responded too was if this update/DLC will be free or an additional payment, it did receive a response saying the update would be free to all

So what do you think of this being added? Personally it's a decent feature to have and providing you're not just driving around for the sake of driving around (i.e ability to challenge other players on the fly) then I'm all for it. Let us know what you'd like to see in the comments below

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