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So I'm really late with getting this up but I wanted to make sure the site launched before babbling on about Fortnite but here it is with some interesting changes to the game but overall sadly if you are a Save the World player you will notice a VERY heavy lean in this update towards the Battle Royale players.

A new update has dropped for Dota 2 which is aimed at Grimstroke specifically aking changes to Stroke of Fate, Phantoms Embrace and Ink Swell - official changelog below

Rocket League 1.50 has landed and it fixes up several concerns for competitive players, this includes a complete build of the experience and levelling up systems, which according to the changelog have been rebuilt from the ground up. Another big new feature is the addition of clubs which allows players to form clubs and participate in club matches, this will no doubt end up in some form of league system eventually.

Another day and another new release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) which looks to introduce the items for the FACEIT CS:GO Championship, additionally CS:GO will be free to play offline but beyond that here is the changelog...

As a shock to basically nobody another update has dropped for Fortnite that doesn't appear to jump the version numbers up any higher as it's being classed as a content update and a lot of content is included including the return of the Solid Gold limited time mode and a lot more..

As is the case with World of Warcraft they often issue length daily changes to the game many of which are purely introduced to patch over or hotfix an issue that players are encountering (or in some cases exploiting) some of the changes as indicated in the official blog will take effect right away, some require a realm restart and others may require a client update so in the event you are encountering an issue that's been addressed in this post it'll likely be one of those things

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