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PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is back with another update for the PC version which addresses all known issues found in the previous patch as well as continues to introduce new changes to the anti-cheat system whic

For Honor Season 5: Age of Wolves will be landing on all platforms on February 15 and a lot of changes are coming at least to a blog post on the Ubisoft News section with perhaps the biggest new addition being the introduction of dedicated servers.

So I'm about to kick into my post work, pre Joolo nightly habit of getting a few games of Battle Royale under my belt before the real world takes hold again and for some odd reason I was surprised to see a new update for Fortnite, so while my Xbox downloads the latest update I thought I would share whats new in the latest version of Fortnite

Ubisofts start to the new year is not going very well as their official Twitter account as well as numerous players are reporting that numerous servers are having connectivity issues across numerous titles all in all a bit of a kick in the nuts if you happen to be wanting to play a Ubisoft game

Fortnite continues with its events for the Battle Royale mode with the latest event looking to follow on from what were successful events in the 50v50 event and the explosive event. The next event, however, is far less noisy and hectic than the previous two events as all the weapons will be stealthy.

Fire Pro Wrestling which came out of early access on Steam on December 18th and is planning to arrive on PlayStation 4 "at some point in the future" has confirmed it will be including officially licensed characters and themes from New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW)

While Need for Speed like any new title in an already well-established game series has come under fire for some minor issues, those have finally been nailed down via the various updates and patches and based on a tweet from the official Need for Speed Twitter account (@NeedforSpeed) we will be getting online free roam as an addition to the game

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