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Pokemon Go Raid changes

Niantic has made several changes to the raid system, in particular, the raid timer and more importantly the raid bosses themselves several media sources have covered this already so this is a breakdown of whats been changed and the summarizes options are

Pokemon Go Raid changes

One of the changes being reported is by (source) who are reporting that players are angry about the raid time changing from 1 hour to 45 minutes, the reason for this proposed anger is it doesn't provide enough time for players to gather a team to take on a raid boss effectively. I would argue that waiting around for an hour for players to turn up is just as frustrating but it's debatable and depends if you play as a large group of players are like myself tend to go around with 1-2 friends and see what you happen to run into. 

The next and largest part of the Pokemon Go raid changes comes from Eurogamer (source) and Forbes (source) the first of the two reporting the changes on the raid bosses (and with some level of depth, acknowledgement and a little bewilderment at some of the changes) and Forbes pointing to the Silth road data mining exploits and listing the boss changes

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