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Pokémon Go reverted

Creators of Pokémon Go, Niantic have confirmed via twitter that they will be rolling back the current store releases of the app to the previous revision. The fixed version is 0.79.4 which is basically a rollback or reverting to the previous stable 0.79.3

Pokémon Go reverted

The Story is covered in more depth on Pokémon Go Hub so you should probably head over to this post if you are a hardcore Pokemon Go player in need of the details but the jist of it is 0.79.4 is 0.79.3 and 0.81.1 is likely going through a code review process to find out where the performance issues came from.

As noted on the Pokemon Go Hub post new movesets that were introduced have now been lost as they are not in the 0.79.3/4 release.

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