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PUBG Coming to Xbox One

One of the biggest selling games of recent memory and by far one of the most popular is officially making it's way to the Xbox One

PUBG Coming to Xbox One

According to this article on Xbox Wire the launch will occur on December 12th this year, just in time for console users to get some pre-Christmas gaming sessions in

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds or as it's more commonly known has been a huge success since it's launch on steam, taking the battle royal concept to the mainstream and millions of gamers and streamers alike revelling in the success of looting and shooting. Recently, however, PUBG has faced a lot of competition from the lines of Fortnite which has taken the same concept and spiced things up with it's own take on things via Fortnite Battle Royal

PUBG will be playable as an early access game on the Xbox via the Xbox Game Preview program and it's already been stated that the gameplay will be optimized for console players, so, all in all, it's an interesting time for the genre as the war for dominance kicks into overdrive

The big question is what does PUBG need to do on consoles to bring you over to its servers?

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