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Super Mario Odyssey Release

Super Mario Odyssey has officially dropped and looks like it could be a massive game for Nintendo perhaps even bigger than some have suggested with the game already getting high praise from critics and great reviews from early players.

Super Mario Odyssey

The release even managed to get a congrats from the Wolfenstein team themselves celebrating a very recent release (Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus)

Some had questioned Mario's future on the new flagshop device with a new crop of gamers coming through that perhaps not find much entertainment in the fat moustashed plumber but Mario Oddyssey has managed to tap into the Mario 64 of old and based on early impressions from reviews, gamers and even Nintendo themselves - the release has gone very well!

Honestly I have never been a Nintendo guy I grew up on sega, gravitated to the Playstation then eventually landed on the Xbox One but all in all aside from cursing the Wii for trying to make me healthy it's not something I ever got into, the game looks fantastic and I would be interested in hearing Switch users feedback on Mario (and the console as a whole)

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