Paladins 1.4 - Dragons Call 4v4

The beacon is lit and both Paladins and Magistrate have come to heed the dragon’s call, arriving on the shores of the Warders’ ancient homeland. Race to unlock seals guarding the island’s inner vaults and capture what lies within. Who will claim the Warder’s Relics and tip the scales in this conflict?

Heroes of the Storm - August 7th patch notes

Blizzard Entertainment has released a new patch release for Heroes of the storm and the release notes (linked below) make for an interesting read with a new hero being added called Whitemane. Other changes relate to bandwidth improvements on client-> server communications, replays are much smaller in size, a few changes to the design of the Summon Abilities and a massive list of changes to the existing heroes. 

PubG Event: Dodgebomb

The Playerunknown Battleground steam page just announced a new game mode style event called dodgebomb which will start on 9th August at 7 PM PST and last until August 12th at 7 PM PST. As the name suggests the goal is to throw and hit other players with one of your 20 provided grenades in an effort to tag them out aka blow them to bits. 

GTA V Title Update 1.44

A new update for Grand Theft Auto Five aka GTA V has been released in the form of version 1.44 and while a light update does include some new stuff including the much discussed B-11 Strikeforce being added to GTA Online and it can be purchased via the Warstock Cache and Carry. Additional updates include new music on the Los Santos Underground radio station and a new DJ in the Nightclub - you can check out the full changelog below

Minecraft - 1.5.3

The latest version of Minecraft has landed in version 1.5.3, mostly looking to fix a few crashes as well as one or two issues with the Xbox One version of the game - additionally it does (the post) make a reference to some users losing inventories and character progress and some tips on getting this restored. 

Unreal Engine 4.20 Preview 1

A full changelog has been posted on the official Unreal Engine forums but the release mostly called the Snoop Dogg release by commentators and forum users alike, tho it's unlikely that Epic Games will actually take any liking to the release being dubbed that. The main features of this release include updates to the proxy LOD (level of detail) tool as well as mobile improvements and optimizations which will likely make those using Android perk up a little given that Fortnite has not been released on Android.

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