Destiny 2 Server Maintenance

Destiny 2 fans will likely be both happy and sad at the latest update to Destiny 2, sad as Bungle have announced that the servers for Destiny 2 will be going down for extended maintenance and happy as it relates to bringing new fixes and improvements to the already popular game

Fortnite 1.11 Update

Normally we go a little nuts here on Joolo with our Fortnite updates but a quick glance at the news will tell you just how much we have posted on this game recently so we won't be doing the usual look at our post thing on social media or going all out to get eyes on this post if anything here is the release notes - enjoy! We still love Fortnite but other games need love too, remember kids a game is not just for Christmas

Fortnite 1.10 New limited time mode

In our last post for Fortnite (this one) we summarized some of the changes the Fortnite team wished to bring to the game and now some of those changes have leaked down into the 1.10 release including new characters for Xbox One players, improvements for console players in general and the much awaited requested new inventory UI

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