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Rockstar has confirmed the release of an enhanced version of L.A Noire for the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One. The trailers have been coming in thick and fast prior to the pending include the Switch trailer linked above and of course the 4K Trailer. L.A Noire is a bit of a dark horse in the Rockstar family of games but has done very well in terms of maintaining popular despite its ageing years and now that it's arrived on the next generation of consoles it's likely only going to fuel hope for a future followup to this classic game.

Discord the popular chat and messaging service for gamers is back with a new update which looks to add Rich Presence support. They did release a video related to this new feature which uses the oddest metaphor ever known to man but finish the video and it may make sense by the end.

So the big news of the day in the gaming world comes from EA (Electronic Arts) who have announced that they intend to acquire Respawn Entertainment the development team behind Titanfall and Titanfall 2

So we have a lot of Fortnite news today starting with the new update which is version 1.8.2 this update makes changes to Save the World and Battle Royale but with so much coming along with this update .. this post has been divided up into digestible bits so you only need to read through the related to you parts

Creators of Pokémon Go, Niantic have confirmed via twitter that they will be rolling back the current store releases of the app to the previous revision. The fixed version is 0.79.4 which is basically a rollback or reverting to the previous stable 0.79.3

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