Community Guidelines

Joolo is an open community with many avenues open for users to interact such as the forums, community and comments to name just the 3 most obvious forms of interaction. Obviously, every community needs a set of "rules" or more specifically in our case a set of guidelines that allow the community to govern themselves and prevent issues before they arrive.

While this list does not cover every scenario it's a decent place to start and as always if you have questions you are most welcome to ask them on our Joolo Page, in the forums, Discord, private messaging a moderator or one of the numerous contact forms spotted around the site - in short, if in doubt get in touch but common sense prevails!

Ranters & Social Warriors

While we are more than open to heated debates and the odd funny trolling session we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines here. Firstly not everyone is down to go toe to toe with you over your diehard opinions, not everyone appreciates trolls funny or otherwise so firstly know when enough is enough, we don't want to get stuck splitting up silly little fights.

At the same time if you do intend on going hard into a discussion make sure you know what you are talking about before jumping headfirst into an on-going conversation. Likewise don't persistently rant about a specific publisher in every single comment, it's not healthy for you or us when you spend every waking moment commenting on every article how much you hate EA or Activation or why PlayStation is amazing and Xbox sucks, we are open to intense debates but idiotic rambling helps nobody

In short keep it civil, don't make personal and don't take it personally, know when to step away. If you don't like a particular game and we post on it, let us know WHY you don't like the game and then move along with life, focus on the games you do like

Use Squishy thing between ears

I'm sure someone somewhere is scratching their heads trying to figure out what the squishy thing between their ears is - that'd be your brain and we would appreciate if you could put some thought into your comments before posting them, nobody is asking for perfect spelling or grammar likewise no need for an entire encyclopedia in your comment but a thoughtful comment that adds to the site and the community as a whole only aids us (as a whole).

Writing a decent comment can often lead to further engagement throughout the community so write comments that either give your opinion on a discussion matter or open up further debate and interaction on the comment feed

Subject Matters

Stey on topic, it's a simple request and we do provide many areas for you to discuss anything you want but rhino ploughing into a conversation with random comments is pointless and will likely lead to the comment being voted down or worse removed entirely

Respec not attac

Our moderators are usually just one of you with a few extra buttons and a headache, we don't pay them, they choose to help Joolo out so don't be a dick a make their headache worse, if you have a problem with a specific moderator and/or are rules as noted above just get in touch with us - whining and bitching on social media and/or on the site itself helps nobody

Spoilers and NSFW

If you have played the latest game, watched the newest movie and feel like posting on the media you have consumed that's perfectly fine but nobody likes spoilers they can really ruin things for people so lets remember to use spoiler tags where applicable and if that's not practical CLEARLY mark your comment/post that it containers spoilers - at the top of the post and if possible in the title

NSFW is a tricky matter, we love and embrace MEMEs as much as the next guy, however, Joolo is technically a family-friendly site so try to keep it clean, at worse PG13


It should go without saying that discussing where to obtain pirated content (usually via links) is not allowed, sharing pirated content is worse and will probably lead to an alien foot up the human ass

All the above is of course not gospel there are a thousand scenarios that can occur and people love to test the boundaries, we (the people that make Joolo tick) will do our best to keep those boundaries as far away from users as we can where we can, we don't want to force feed people the rules or police the site, gaming is supposed to be fun. We hope you enjoy posting on our site in the numerous channels we offer and if not contact us and let us know why

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