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A basic breakdown of what Joolo is and how to use it.

How do I become a verified user ?

The little blue tick which is now used on numerous platforms but probably made most famous by twitter is something that we offer to our users, unlike Twitter and other services that offer this we don't envisage you will have to jump through hoops to attain the verified status. 

become a verified user

At present we will be doing verified user checks on only those that have the account type 'Streamer' - This account type is limited in the sense that while anyone may join it, we will be checking details entered on our end (twitter, facebook) and be requiring you to message us on one of our social media accounts directly from that, so for example if you have listed an official Twitter account then we will DM you via our twitter account @JooloNET (follow!) and query if you are indeed who you say you are - if we cannot validate you then you will be reverted back to the status of Gamer (aka regular user)

In addition, we do offer a VIP Membership and at present, we will be treating VIPs like Streamers on the basis of attaining the verified user badge but unlike Streamers that fail our validated, we will not be reverting VIPs back to regular users.

All in all our goal is to make the process easy, but a little exclusive in who can get it but don't be put off if you are not a VIP or streamer, give it a whirl see what happens nothing is set in stone aside from the only caveat being you'll need to advise us (if on a regular profile) where your social profiles are so we can get in touch and get the ball rolling.

Verified User badges cost nothing, will never cost anything they are purely a small service to make things interesting (and in many respects offer no value except for the little blue tick)


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