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A basic breakdown of what Joolo is and how to use it.

How do I become a VIP

So before we jump into the how to become a VIP lets break down whats involved i.e whats the point of becoming a VIP and why most of you won't ever need to consider the idea.

How do I become a VIP

 Becoming a VIP offers THREE basic privileges none of which are all that fancy and one of which you can get for free (if you are a Streamer) with very minimal effort, so the first is VIP users that are not streamers, youtubers etc etc may wish to avail the additional marketing fields (social profiles) streamers get but without the process of verifying if you do stream, podcast etc

The second perk is additional options i.e no flood limit control, ability to post much more on a daily basis in most cases unlimited amounts, allows for file uploads and a whole range of other small increases over the regular user and the streamer profile and the last and final perk - it says VIP on your profile. 

Clearly, we are trying to undersell the VIP user profile, but the basis for this is users posting on a regular basis benefit's Joolo as a site and a community so in many respects every active user is a VIP secondly we want people to want to help us out for the sake of helping us out not for the social push, ego boost, bragging rights - help if you can if you want to, if not s'all good.

Joolo is not (at the time of writing) an incredibly expensive site to run on a yearly basis, all in all, it comes in at around $1000 obviously the more users posting the larger our requirements get (servers space, backups, CDN's etc etc) hence the idea of VIP was introduced in the first place but regardless of donations the site will kick in in some way shape or form!

So how do you become a VIP 

  1. Donation of Funds
  2. Donation of Services
  3. I can't think of a third.

So Funds - whatever you wish, we didn't fix a monetary amount to the level of a donation nor do we plan to - some people have lots of money (share) some people don't (living it!) so the only sliding scale here is you. If after reading all the above you still want to donate - send a private message to Krisstoffer (founder) or drop a message on the Joolo Page.

Services need to be defined here a touch as prior to the definement we had 50 some people offering to host Joolo . - no hosting please we will handle that. Likewise livestock, just throwing it out into the wild that we won't be accepting anything alive. We are however in the nature of gaming so maybe gift us a game of some sort - ideally check with us first as we mostly at present reside in the PC and Xbox realm (sorry PlayStation people!) 


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