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Why does the site show less than 100 videos ?

So this one is easy to cover but can be a little perplexing in the way we have things working, we are looking at trying to make the process easier for ourselves and our users down the line but for now, it works as we want it too

Why does the site show less than 100 videos ?

So the videos on the homepage aka 'latest trailers' (or under the main menu... Trailers) are posted via our content platform, these do not account for any of the numbers you see in community/videos although many of the trailers from Trailers (main menu) can be found under community/videos - we post the trailers to the community first then drip them into the content platform. The reason for this is two-fold - one our community gets to see them first (it's a free community so forgive us for not caring if this hurts your feelings) and two it ensures our social media platforms don't turn into a constant flood for our followers... we want to let you know whats new but not hammer you with the latest trailers

So that covers Trailers but as noted Trailers and community/videos share some posting which still doesn't account for the low numbers - well the second part to this is, at least for now with our own Game Groups we post a LOT of game plays, trailers, random videos (but related to the game in question) directly into the groups and those numbers do not count towards videos

As an example for how this works currently we have under community/videos around 30 videos posted however our Fortnite Gamer group alone has 39 videos posted to it.

Obviously as time goes on our users will decide how best they want the content to flow but as things stand at the moment, if a game has a group it's likely far more populated than the actual videos area is and with specific focus on the game in question, games without such groups or people that post to community/videos will be left untouched. Overall as noted a moment ago we want our community to be able to shape and form how things flow and function but at present, if you want to see a ton of content for Fortnite, Clash Royale, GTA 5 then your best bet is to actually join one of those groups

That said most of these groups are open groups so you can still enjoy the content without joining a group but again ... if someone comes along and creates a group for your fav game but sets it as a closed group or a moderated one - you may have to simply wait to be accepted or ask for an invite.


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