Why is the news so slow ?

So this is a good question and one I get asked quite a fair amount so this is my best effort to respond tot hat question and hopefully cover it once and for all, although that said it's not a bad question it actually makes sense given how slow the news and trailers come on Joolo

Joolo is very much at last of the time of writing a one-man-band - I have a few friends that have joined the site but all in all it's like anything they join to aid in numbers and out of curiosity but a good deal of them are not really gamers, website devs or are really down sitting down and writing in-depth articles about things that really don't interest them. So when you see Joolo is a small and fun gaming community it's very literal.

Like any site of any nature, I would like the site to grow in numbers of people signing up, adding comments, creating their own groups and doing things I have as yet not thought about. The whole concept of the community is really micro-communities in itself in that the hope was people obsessed with a specific game would create a group and just run with it bringing in other like-minded obsessed people to grow their own groups (gamer groups)

As yet no obsessed gamers have jumped in, but if you intend to do anything on the internet you need to first do it for yourself so in that logic when time permits I try to ensure that Joolo - at least from a social perspective has 3-4 news/trailers/deals posted every day and given that I do work and I cannot spend every waking hour focusing on Joolo it provides no income and as I never intended or thought it would make any income I treat it as a hobby in that I post when time permits and that's about ti

All that noted I hope that in the future I can get people on board willing to chip in, write articles quicker (and better) than my own (won't take much effort) and turn the site into a not so small but still fun place to be but until such time Joolo is a hobby of mine and I'll continue to chug along keeping it as up to date as I can

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