• Fortnite 1.11 Update

    Fortnite 1.11 Update

    Normally we go a little nuts here on Joolo with our Fortnite updates but a quick glance at the news will tell you just how much we have posted on this game recently so we won't be doing the usual look at our post thing on social media or going all out to get eyes on this post if anything here is the release notes - enjoy! We still love Fortnite but other games need love too, remember kids a game is not just for Christmas

  • Fortnite Battle Royale - 50v50 Announce Trailer

    Fortnite Battle Royale - 50v50 Announce Trailer

    Grab your friends and jump into Fortnite Battle Royale's limited-time 50v50 mode. The mode is only around until Dec. 17, so take part in some epic battles while you can!

  • Fortnite 1.10 new xbox characters

    Fortnite 1.10 New limited time mode

    In our last post for Fortnite (this one) we summarized some of the changes the Fortnite team wished to bring to the game and now some of those changes have leaked down into the 1.10 release including new characters for Xbox One players, improvements for console players in general and the much awaited requested new inventory UI

  • Future of Fortnite Battle Royale laid out

    Future of Fortnite Battle Royale laid out

    Fortnite Battle Royale has been one of those games that everyone seems to be loving at the moment and recently the team behind Fortnite laid out planned changes and improvements for the Fortnite Save the World game mode and now they have put keyboard to editor to provide an update on whats coming to Battle and Royale and it looks quite juicy.

  • Fortnite 1.9.1

    Fortnite 1.9.1 - Smoke Grenades & Vindertech Weapons

    So Fortnite 1.9.1 has arrived and thankfully it's a server side update so no downloading of massive assets required, unless however you happen to own an Xbox One X in which case you may (unconfirmed) have to download 4K assets as Fortnite is now taking full advantage of all the extra juice the Xbox One X has to offer. Additionally, for the Battle Royale mode we see the debut of the smoke grenade a none lethal distraction to help you get out of sticky situations or distract the enemy long enough for you to sneak up behind them and shotgun them to bits!

  • Epic Games Addresses issues with Save The World

    Epic Games Addresses issues with Fortnite: Save The World

    Save the World was the original game mode for Epic Games Fortnite and while Battle Royale is currently the new hot thing, Save the World clearly remains a massive part of Fortnite's future as recently a post went up on the Epic Games website looking to address concerns or queries users had regarding the Save the World game mode.

  • Fortnite 1.9 - Introduces Launch Pads

    Fortnite 1.9 - Introduces Launch Pads

    Fortnite 1.8.2 introduced the Bush and now Epic Games are back with a new change to the game which is likely to provide streamers of the game with some classic videos as you can now redeploy with the new Launch Pads

  • Fortnite 1.8.2 - The Bush

    Fortnite 1.8.2 - The Bush, Season shop and more

    So we have a lot of Fortnite news today starting with the new update which is version 1.8.2 this update makes changes to Save the World and Battle Royale but with so much coming along with this update .. this post has been divided up into digestable bits so you only need to read through the releted to you parts


    Fortnite brings new updates / fixes in 1.8.1

    Fortnite is insanely popular at the moment and it also happens to be in beta so as such a lot of changes are about to occur, these round of changes effect both the Battle Royal Mode and Save the World mode which is currently part of a paid access program.